Choosing A Perfect Terracotta Pot

Many people choose to use terracotta pots when thinking of a garden design because of the many benefits that using them has. However, how do you know what kind of pot to use or what shape and size? Unless you are a gardening expert it is hard to know what kind of pot best suits your garden design.

Itorrini pots reflect Italy’s history and the Tuscan people of Terrecotte. Delicate craftsmanship and basic yet complex designs make this range a very popular one for people who are looking for ideas for their garden design. From pots and planters to architectural items everyone is bound to find something to suit their taste with this range. You don’t even have to stick to pots you can even get other designs made of terracotta to match with your garden design. For example, statues make a nice addition to any garden.

Etrusca is a fairly new range and captures the imagination of many people as the clay which is used for these pots comes from the Monte Lupo area near Florence. It is hardly surprising that this is such a popular range because it is different from other terracotta pots so they make any garden design unique. For example, it has its own characteristics such as its color and is also very high quality clay that is resistant to low temperatures. This means that people can be reassured that their pots won’t crack in winter and their plants will be safe.

Terrecotte is another popular range of terracotta pots with many people who are in the process of making a garden design. Perhaps this is because the range is inspired by the artisan tradition which draws on characteristics from the area of Tuscany. One of the reasons why this range is so popular for garden design is because it keeps up with the constant changes in the design, style and shape of modern day terracotta pots. This range is endless from ornaments and pots to bowls and urns.

Terracotta pots can help to aid garden design in more ways than people realize so it’s hardly surprising that when people discover them they can’t get enough of them. Keen gardeners can also find jars, planters, fountains, columns and garden furniture in terracotta. The result of this will be a beautifully presented, modern-day garden design that still manages to be intriguing while incorporating different cultures.

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