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Caring For Stained Glass Panels

Stained glass windows are a beautiful addition to any home whether as part of a remodel or new construction. When most people hear stained glass panels, images come to mind of old cathedrals with extremely large panels depicting religious scenes. Those are beautiful examples of the art, but much smaller simplistic panels can be placed in your home to add character. Windows for your home can come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes, which can be used in many rooms throughout the home. Stained glass panels can also be set indoors whether it is a large exterior front door or interior sliding doors, stained glass can add a unique touch while allowing in light.


Time and the elements do take a toll on the glass, but much less damage occurs than you would think. In reality, too much cleaning can be worse for the panel than the …

Choosing A Perfect Terracotta Pot

Many people choose to use terracotta pots when thinking of a garden design because of the many benefits that using them has. However, how do you know what kind of pot to use or what shape and size? Unless you are a gardening expert it is hard to know what kind of pot best suits your garden design.

Itorrini pots reflect Italy’s history and the Tuscan people of Terrecotte. Delicate craftsmanship and basic yet complex designs make this range a very popular one for people who are looking for ideas for their garden design. From pots and planters to architectural items everyone is bound to find something to suit their taste with this range. You don’t even have to stick to pots you can even get other designs made of terracotta to match with your garden design. For example, statues make a nice addition to any garden.

Etrusca is a …