Do Male Enhancement Products Work?

If asked, most men would probably tell you they would like to increase the size of their penis. This is because most men identify their manliness, at least somewhat, with how big or how small they are, and to them, the bigger they are, the better they can satisfy a woman. One way men have found to help increase the size of their penis is with male enhancement products and supplements. There are a variety of male enhancement products to choose from. After you research the different products and compare, you can make an educated decision on which product may work the best for you.

The most common male enhancement products include:


Extenders work by using the same method that many tribes of ancient India and Africa have used for thousands of years of extending body parts by intentionally stretching them. Stretching works best on cartilage-type body parts. The cells under the skin divide then duplicate. This increases the number of cells in that body part, and over a period of time, the body’s natural reaction is to adapt to, and develop under the physical encouragement of stretching.

What this means for the penis is the same principal applies. The Capora Cavernosa, or CP fills with blood during an erection. When an extender is used, the cells in the CP also divide and replicate with regular use, over a period of time. In about 6 months this means more cells for the blood to fill in the CP. Better blood flow means larger, firmer erections. Some extenders are also designed for those with Peyronies to give you straighter erections for better performance.


Patches have been being used as means of getting ingredients into the body, whether herbal ingredients or medical. Patches are placed on the skin, which is porous. The ingredients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream which has proven to a faster, more efficient way to get the most benefits as opposed to pills, which must be digested first before they are absorbed into the blood stream. By then, some of the ingredient’s effects can be lost.

Penis Patch

How penis patches work

Male enhancement patches ( can be a variety of ingredients, depending on the company. Common herbal ingredients may include ginseng, gingko among others that help increase the blood flow, stimulate more testosterone, and increase the libido. Patches can be worn in a number of areas on the body. Common areas include:

  • Arm
  • Lower Abdomen
  • Gluteus Maximus

Patches must be left on for 72 hours and many users recommended moving the patch to another after 24 hours. Patches alone, do not work well for penile enhancement. For the best results of the patch, combine the patch with penile exercises that help increase blood flow and extend the length and size of the penis. The herbal patches for male enhancement do not have any negative side effects due to their all-natural ingredients. A little skin irritation is all that may be seen by some users.

Penile Exercises

There are some exercises, that it is claimed, if you do on a regular basis, will help increase the blood flow and size of your penis, and ultimately your performance. A few recommended exercises include:

  1. Perfect Stretch

Hold your penis at the base and gently stretch your penis downward. Hold the position for 10-15 minutes. Done daily, this will increase your size and the hardness.

2. Erection Stretch

During an erection, gently stretch your penis sideways in different directions. Hold each position for 10 seconds. It’s important you do control an early ejaculation as this will increase the benefits of the exercise. Perform this exercise 2x a week.

3. The OK Sign

Make the OK sign around your penis. While gently holding the shaft of your penis in the OK sign position, begin stretching it in different directions for about 7 minutes. Performed once every two weeks will help increase your size and girth.


There are plenty of companies that make pills for male enhancement. Two of the most popular pills getting good response and good reviews from customers, include:


PillsThis supplement works in three ways; to increase the size of your penis during erections, decrease rigidity, and increase your libido for the desire to have sex. The three main ingredients include: Tribulus Terrestis, a Chinese herbal aphrodisiac. Eurycoma Longifolia 100:1, a Malaysian herbal supplement known to increase the volume of semen, and L-Arginine HCL, a nitric oxide which is a known vasodilator and increases blood flow.

Using only all-natural blends of plants and root extracts, this is a safe product that customers say have very noticeably increased their penis size, hardness, girth, and length during erection without side effects. It is rated at the top of the list of penile enhancement pills that received excellent customer reviews and 5 stars.

It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor before embarking on anything new having to do with your health. Even herbal supplements should be discussed with your physician to make sure they are safe for your health, medical condition, and to take in juncture with any medicines you are already on.

Do Penis Extenders Actually Work?

When it comes to sex, men and women get pretty much excited as well as conscious. And if you talk about men, then you will come to know that they can do anything to increase the size of their penis. They have some weird kind of perception about the relationship of sex with their penis size.

Millions of men across the globe are not satisfied with their penis size. If you talk about the demands and needs of women, then you will come to know that they have nothing to do with the size, but for them, it is the motion, which makes a difference in the intensity of sex. In order to satisfy men to the fullest, there are different kinds of penile enhancement products available in the market today including supplements, creams, gels and many others, but if you are looking forward to get a longer, wider and straighter penis, then nothing can be more workable and harmless than a penis extender from Penile Plus.

They have been changing the way men have been performing during sex. When it comes to the use of these devices, men ask themselves the most important question: “how do penis extenders work?”

There are different methods to increase penile size which have been used by men since hundreds of years. Hanging is one of the most common and oldest methods, which is pretty dangerous and harmful for a man’s sexual health.

Penis Extender

Natives used to hang weights with the help of ropes, which is a very painful process. It can result in impotence, tissue damage and chronic pain. This method is still in use, which proves the ignorance of men. If you also want to have longer, harder and iron-rod straight erections, then there is nothing to harm and damage your precious organ. You should start by asking yourself how penis extenders work. These traction devices work like the above-mentioned hanging method, but here the nature is different. There is no pain associated with this method.

You get to tie a saddle on the base of your penis and there are two telescopic bars, in between which your penis is fixed and you get to fix the head of your penile organ in the loop that is attached with the saddleand telescopic bar. Those who have been wondering just how penis extenders work have come to know that with the help of telescopic bar, the wearer has to adjust the pressure, depending upon his ease and in this way, the shaft of the penis is stretched, which results in the creation of gap between tissues and cells. This gap is then filled by the development of new cells and tissues, which results in a wider and longer penis.

The benefits of will not only provide you with a longer and wider penis, but you will also get to feel a significant improvement in your stamina. Once your penis develops new cells and tissues, it is going to become healthier, which means that you can get to please and intoxicate yourself with harder, longer sessions thanks to this male enhancement device.


Weight Loss for Beginners

Before getting started with any weight loss program, you need to make sure that you’re able to do some simple moves that won’t cause any bodily harm while working out. Get the doctors approval before anything. Now that I got this out of the way, we can get started on how to do weight loss plan for beginners. Losing weight can be a challenge especially from the very beginning. When you’re not used to working out and eating nutritious food on a daily basis, that’s when it can take the longest.

Lose Weight Now

Time to start that diet

What you need to do is take into consideration that dietary changes must be done or working out would be fruitless. You must do whatever is necessary to help yourself succeed with it. However, you don’t need to stay on a strict diet to succeed with this approach. Just spend most of the time eating nutritious food such as fruits, veggies, lean meat products, seeds, etc and having at least once a week of a cheat meal should be doable.

Working out should consist of at least 3 times a week such as three days of strength training and cardio for 5 days a week, if possible.

When you combine the two together, it should be a good start to a journey of a weight loss plan for beginners.